First Meeting

The journey to your new dream home starts by meeting with one of our new home consultants. Whether it is during an open house in one of our neighborhoods or through our website below, this introduction will allow us to learn more about you and what you are looking for in a new home. During the build, your new home consultant will be your guide throughout the process, so please let them know how they can help.


Design Your Home

Our custom home building process gives us the flexibility to design unique spaces which fit your individual lifestyle, and creating these spaces begins with a design consultation with our builder. From our move-in ready designs to complete custom homes, our builder will help you take your dreams of a new home and make it a reality.



Choose Your Selections

After you have decided the design of your new home, the real fun begins by selecting your finishes with our interior designer. At Michael Lee Homes we believe you should have a say in how your new home looks, which is why we make use of an expanded assortment of materials and suppliers to provide you with an unmatched degree of choice. Our motto with finishes is simple: if you want it, you can have it.


First Day of the Build

The first day of the build is the most exciting, it is the day when all your plans get put into motion. At this stage we break ground on your lot, we pour the footings and foundation, and prepare the home for framing.



Framing Your Home

This is the step when your home truly takes shape for the first time. Whether you are building a truly custom home or have selected one of our ready-to-build designs, our experienced team of builders will ensure that your new home is built just the way you want it.


Install Mechanicals

At this point we install all the pieces which make your home a comfortable place to live. From your plumbing and HVAC to the many electrical outlets throughout the home, including your Smart Home solutions, you can be sure that your home will operate just the way you want it to.



Drywall Your Home

Once all the mechanicals are installed, inspections passed, and insulation put in place we begin the drywall process. This is when each room of your new home separates itself from one another and when you finally get a real feel for how your new home is going to look.


Install Finishes

This point is the most exciting for many of our clients, it is when all your finishes are put into place. From your flooring and cabinets to your countertops and appliances, this is when your dream home becomes a reality.



The Finishing Touches

In the final couple weeks before you move in our builders put the finishing touches on your new home. From a top to bottom cleanout to the final inspection and certification, this is when we ensure your new home is ready for you to live in and enjoy. We will also conduct a new home orientation with you and one of our builders to ensure you are happy with your new home and understand how to work each part of it.


Move-In Day

Congratulations! What started with a simple meeting with a new home consultant became a journey toward building your new home. Today is the day when you sign the papers, close on the property and begin living in your dream home. With the our customer satisfaction program and 1/2/10 new home warranty, we are committed to ensuring that the joy you feel this day continues as you live in your new home.


Patrick Frosch

New Home Consultant

Have a Question?

We are here to help

For more information on Smart Home Technology or for any other inquiries, please feel reach out and our new home consultant will contact you as soon as possible. At Michael Lee Home we love building peoples dream homes and none of that can begin without you, so thank you for your time.