Why Michael Lee Homes

To ensure that our customers get their projects finished on time we have developed a refined process. First, we schedule our jobs from the minute a contract is signed. This ensures that you are on the schedule and that your project becomes a reality. At the core of our building process, is a team (located in Woodbury MN) that works together to ensure customer satisfaction. Our customer-centered building process separates Michael Lee, Inc from the competition.

Stay up to date

during the entire Build

From beginning to end during your entire build you will but 100% up to date.  Utilizing a industry leading cloud based software BuilderTrend you will have access 24/7 to;

  • To-Do’s
  • Calendar
  • Documents (such as plans)
  • Change Orders
  • Selections
  • Videos
  • Photos (posted by the job sup)

Truly Custom

Every home is unique

Every family is unique and their needs are unique as well.  Although some items are constant home to home such as we all need running water (hopefully HOT and COLD).  Beyond these basic necessities every families dynamics, passions, hobbies, ect. very and as should your home.  Your home should mirror who you are as a family and improve the quality of day to day tasks.  Let Michael Lee help find the right home, neighborhood, or design to suite your needs (see below).


True custom design is more than just paint colors, carpet, & granite.  It’s not pick from only plan A, B, or C.  Its a home built and designed around your families unique needs and requirements.


Our innovative process to building refined over the past decade and constantly improving.  Is why we take pride in each and every clients home.  If its not good enough for our home it shouldn’t be for yours either.


Building a home is one thing, Building an ongoing relationship where your builder is there to stand behind their work for years to come is another.  It starts with quality materials and installation but continues long after you move in.