Michael Lee, Inc.

East-Metro New Home Builder

Michael Lee began back in 2003 by David Frosch and was then primarily a remodeling company. In 2009 we regrouped and started building homes starting IN THE $300,000.  At the same time the remodeling jobs kept getting more customized. Now we do all our remodeling under the Kootenia Homes brand go to Kooteniahomes.com for your remodeling needs.

Michael Lee today is a home building company specializing in homes and villas priced $300-500,000 in east metro. Headquartered in Woodbury with sister company Kootenia Homes we share recourses. We have built neighborhoods like Wyncrest Villas and Pioneer Point Villas. We are now building in Summerlin of Woodbury where we have new homes in the $300’s up to $500’s.


  • Where Do I live During the Build Process?

    A common concern for many of my clients is where to live during the build process. Many of our baby boomer and/or downsizing clients, have this concern as you may not have moved in quite some time. Since the build process is 4-1/2 months until completion, here are a few options that many of our…

  • Seeking Main Level Living with a View?

    Michael Lee Inc is offering this in our newest community, Pioneer Point, in the southern part of Woodbury. There are few developments in the Twin Cities offering a natural setting without backing up directly to a neighbor. This out lot offers only 6 more lots with this beautiful, natural setting, don’t delay in contacting us for a…

  • Pioneer Point Villas Kitchen

    Financing Your New Villa Home at Pioneer Point

    Financing is one of the top questions when we are speaking with our clients on building one of our main level living, Pioneer Point Villas.  Each of our clients has a unique financial position and will affect how they proceed with the build process.  An extra benefit of building with Michael Lee Inc is that…

  • Pioneer Point Villas

    Benefits of Main Level Living At Pioneer Point in Woodbury, MN

    In Woodbury construction, the focus has been on two story homes but now the shift is changing to more main level living home designs. Michael Lee Inc., has been ahead of the curve and has had this focus as the builder, David Frosch, is one of the same with the Baby Boomers and can relate…

  • Downsizing in Woodbury?

    Here at Michael Lee Inc., we are listening to the wants of Baby Boomers that want smaller and more efficient homes without sacrificing quality.  Being affordable and high quality, this is exactly what Pioneer Point Development in Woodbury is offering for downsizing clients!  We are building customizable villas in the South end of Woodbury off…

  • Carefree Villa Living available in Woodbury and the east metro

    Are you thinking of downsizing or just sick of that old house?

    Visit one of our Carefree Villa neighborhood, we have plans for you! As the baby-boomers age, so does the home they have been living in. Once the family home is now too big and too hard to manage and lonely to live in. Now comes along the “carefree Villa” from Michael Lee. These homes are…