Your Home Connected from Day One

With every aspect of your life connected, you’ll want to be sure that your new home is too. This is why Michael Lee Homes builds each home with a variety of ways to keep you connected, whether it’s with your heating and cooling or with new smart home technologies. A connected home provides a greater quality of life, increases the value of your home, and simplifies your day to day activities, which is why we get you set up from day one. Here are just a few examples of how each new Michael Lee Home is built to be a smarter and better as a standard.

Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat

Of all the connected technologies in your new home the most important is your thermostat. Simply put, effective heating and cooling is the most significant way to increase the comfort of your new home and save you some serious money along the way. With the T6 Smart Thermostat, installed as a standard in each Michael Lee Home, you are given this power to control your furnace and air conditioning from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Even better, with the use of automatic controls and geofencing technology your home will know when you are home and when you are not, ensuring your utilities are working when you need them and not when you don’t.

Networking Cabinet

The utility room of your home is where you’ll find the necessary mechanicals which keep your home running but in each Michael Lee Home this place also serves as the hub for your connected home. By installing a hardwired media cabinet, we give you a central location for all your networking and smart home technologies to connect with one another. Whether it’s the cable internet connection coming into the home or the networking cables running to your media outlets, this hub keeps it all clean and provides plenty of room for the introduction of new technologies in the future.

Media Outlets

Though Wi-Fi is the primary way most devices and smart home technologies communicate with each other there are still some situations where a hardwired connection is best. From needing a connection for your cable box or wanting a superior way to connect to the internet, having a way to hardwire your devices will let you get the most out of your devices. By providing each home with media outlets, which include CAT6 and COAX connections, we give you options for how you keep your home connected – we’ll even let you choose where you need them too.

Limitless Options

Though we are getting you and your new home connected from day one with some great technologies, your options don’t end with just our standards. As a custom home builder, we provide an expanded assortment of options for your home and that includes smart home technologies. If you’re looking at one of those new Ring Doorbells, Nest smoke detectors, or even a way to connect to your garage door, we will get it all installed and ready to go for you the day you move in. In the end, each of our clients will want something different from their new home and we want you to remember that Michael Lee Homes is committed to providing you with the opportunity to create the home of your dreams, whatever that means to you.