Why Choose a Fireplace

When it comes to deciding what you really need in a new home, the question of a fireplace will inevitably come up – especially in Minnesota. It’s one of the first things a buyer notices in a move-in ready home, and one of the first things they ask about when they don’t find one. From its ability to efficiently heat the home, to being a design highlight of the main level, a fireplace is a great choice for any new home. Whether or not you choose to install one is up to you, we have plenty of clients who opt-out, but here are a few reasons why you may want that fireplace in your new home.

Create a Comfortable Space

Few things are better than winding down in the comfort of your own home – this is where a fireplace comes in. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love curling up next to one after a long day at work? The simple addition of a fireplace transforms the simplest of living spaces to an inviting and comfortable space. Of all the reasons to install one, this is the reason provided by most of our clients. A fireplace makes a home feel like home, especially during those long winter months.

A Visual Highlight 

Need something for that blank wall in your great room? Let’s fill it with something that has utility and looks great. With a variety of options, from stone or shiplap surrounds, to modern elongated fireboxes, a new fireplace can be that visual highlight you are looking for. By making a visual statement with a fireplace, and thoughtfully decorating around it, you can transform your great room into a place you and your guests want to spend time in. Once the fireplace is in, everything else falls into place, it’s the perfect piece to set the theme of a room.

An Efficient Source of Heat

Modern technology has brought many changes to the new home industry, and your new fireplace is no exception. These modern fixtures, like those offered by our preferred supplier Heat and Glo, are up-to-date with the newest technologies which translate to a better, more energy efficient product. From their patented IntelliFire ignition system to its energy saving zone heating, these fireplaces are built to save you money while keeping your home warm and comfortable year-round.

Increased Home Value

A fireplace is one of the biggest things home buyers in the Midwest are looking for, and if your home doesn’t have it they will find one which does. I’ve even added fireplaces to some move-in ready homes right before closing because it was so important. That fireplace may be the one thing which takes your home from “it works” to “I love it”, and for such a simple addition it’s a no-brainer. Whether or not you will use a fireplace you can be sure that a majority of home buyers will, especially during the cold winter months.