What Type of Foundation Should You Build a New Home With?

It seems fairly simple concept but the very most important part of the home building process in the foundation your home sits upon. Getting this right will set the tone for the remainder of the home building. If it is off even ½” and can’t be made up along the way you will end up with a home not square and plumb. Care must be taken by the foundation crew to make your new home correct.

As important as making it correct is using the right type of foundation for your new home. Thirty years ago our marketplace used blocks exclusively for foundations. We didn’t know any better and would sell homeowners the concept of using the block cores as water transfer area to bring any foundation water to the drain tile. On top of that most foundations only had a “water resistant” membrane to keep water out. The scary part of any block foundation is during backfilling when the dirt forces the walls to move even when braced! Most cities will require some sort concrete reinforcement in the cores to help gain strength admitting they are not that strong.

Thankfully today we have solid poured concrete and reinforced with rebar foundation walls. These types of walls have dominated this marketplace for some twenty years now with very good reason they are strong. They are so much stronger than block you could even backfill without bracing although not recommended. Poured walls already have steel bars embedded in them, and upon backfill they don’t look like they may crumble. Best of all today we insulate on the outside of these walls which prevents moisture on the interior wall surface, dry basement, but best of all these walls are actually water proofed today!

Yes Michael Lee uses poured foundation walls for every new home built today. There is however some that will cling to old technology. They refuse to build your new home with a solid poured foundation. There is only one reason blocks are used for a home foundation it is to save the builder money. Instead of saving the money they should provide a stronger foundation. The blocks are for kids to play with not builders to build with. You may so I see block in commercial construction all the time. Yes you do but they are not loaded on one whole side with dirt, dirt that can get wet when raining and becomes extremely strong. No foundation needs that type of stress for the next 100 years or so.

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