Top Five Ideas for Upgrades in New Construction

The best part about building with a custom builder is the ability to have more control over where your money is spent in the construction process.  While many builders have you upgrade an entire package for only one item, at Michael Lee Homes, you can choose only the items that you want so you feel more freedom in your selections.  Here are a few items to consider for upgrades:

1. Enlarging the Kitchen/Living/Dining Space

As cliché as it sounds, the kitchen is the heart of the home. We tend to congregate in the kitchen and the surrounding spaces when we entertain or even with my family, just a family of four.  When I look around at a floor plan, I would focus on enlarging the space in the kitchen, dining and family room to ensure you have space for entertaining and living. Add custom features to an open floor plan by adding stand out features with built-ins, taller windows, transom windows or vaulted ceilings.

2. Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

Adding length and width to the kitchen island if the plan allows. This provides additional seating and space for appetizers and food when serving. In the island, you can add a wine fridge, prep sink and a pull-out trash/recycle bin with a built-in cutting board above for prepping convenience.  Build a walk-in pantry with open shelves, electrical and space to store counter top appliances such as toasters, microwaves and coffee pot to keep your kitchen counter tops clean.

3. Basement Heat Source

The basements in our Minnesota climate tend to be cooler than above ground. If you have guests that will be staying frequently or you are a freeze baby as myself, you may want to consider heat source options.  An easy go to would be a nice fireplace in the lower level that provides being both a functional heat source and a beautiful accent to the room.  Another option would be to add heated flooring. Radiant heat in the entire lower level maybe a splurge that not all of us can invest in, but if you can, it will make a difference during the colder months.

4. Garage Space

I haven’t heard one man complain in all my years of selling both existing resale homes and new construction homes of a garage being too large. Adding a little more space especially whether it’s a 2 car or a 3-car garage, can be beneficial because ultimately you will find a way to fill the space.  I always like to add 2 ft. extra to the width of a standard stall and 3 ft. more to the depth.  This allows for more space to maneuver around storage, cars and garbage/recycle bins.

5. Electrical outlets

Be certain to add outlets to the outdoors for easy Christmas Light installation, in the kitchen island for larger appliances when needed and in the pantry for those every day appliances. In the garage, be sure to talk to the electrician if you have specific needs for hobbies that require specific tools to ensure it works best for your lifestyle.

6. Bring the light in

Add more windows throughout the plan. Buyers today want more light and a fresh look throughout the home that sunlight can provide.  In the winter months, with little sunlight we need to take advantage of the days when we have it.  If you have a more private or a cool view on any side of your home, take full advantage by adding even more windows to enhance the view. This will for sure help in resale as future buyers will notice the view that you have drawn their eyes to by design.

When deciding on a builder in the upcoming months, a custom home builder can make a huge difference in making your home stand out against a neighborhood of cookie cutter homes for future resale.  Best part is that you can design a home that fits your needs exactly.  We only live once, let’s live in a place that you love to call your own!  Call Michael Lee’s representative, Kristy Esty, to learn more about our building opportunities, both on-site and off-site at 651-271-5470 or