The Difference of Corian Quartz

This year, for our Spring Parade model in Easton Village, we’ve decided to give a sleek new look to our kitchen by installing Corian Quartz countertops instead of granite. In addition to the clean look it provides, these new countertops offer a variety of benefits which make your daily life easier and help protect your kitchen. Here are a few examples of how Corian Quartz is the new way to go for your countertops.

Sleek Sophisticated Look

If you’re tired of the busy granite and are looking for a crisp clean look in your kitchen, then Corian Quartz countertops are for you. The first thing people notice about these countertops is how its clean finish compliments the trends of modern design. Take this Moen faucet for an example, if it were placed on granite it would get lost, but give it a clean backdrop and it just pops from the island. With a variety of colors and styles available, you’re sure to find one to match your individual style.

A True Non-Porous Product

One of the greatest benefits of these innovative countertops is that Corian Quartz is a non-porous material, which translates to a much cleaner product. The reason why these countertops can resist stains and clean so easily is that it doesn’t allow liquids or bacteria to penetrate the surface. Even better, these countertops will never need to be sealed, polished, or reconditioned to maintain its look – try saying that about granite.

Stands Up to Daily Stress

The beauty of Corian Quartz comes from its pristine finish, but its value comes from its unique construction. This ultra-hard material, made from quartz crystals, provides a superior surface which can withstand the rigors of daily life. From its ability to resist scratches and stand up to heat, these countertops are made to be used just as much as they are to look good. The best part is after all your work is done, these surfaces come clean with simple soap and water – no hard cleaners needed.

A Product Built to Last

Above all else, Corian Quartz countertops are built to last, and from a builder’s perspective, that’s reason enough to consider them in your home. The combination of all its qualities, from the resilience of its construction to the look of its finish, means that you can be sure that your kitchen will look great for years to come. It’s not just enough to love to look of your countertops, you must also be sure that they’ll stick with you, and that’s why we choose Corian Quartz for an option in all Michael Lee Homes.