A Smart Start on Your New Home

Included in all Michael Lee Homes

Climate Control

Honeywell T6 WiFi Thermostat

The T6 Smart Thermostat allows you to take comfort knowing your home’s temperature will always be how you like it. Easy to install and fits into your lifestyle, the T6 Pro Smart Thermostat is ENERGY STAR® certified.

Central Access Point

Hardwired Media Cabinet

At the heart of any smart home is a discreet and secure central networking hub. By providing high bandwidth connectivity for all your devices through a structured wiring box and convenient access for incoming connections, this cabinet keeps all aspects of your smart home in sync with one another.

Note: Picture may depict devices not included in standard install but available as an upgrade.

Increased Bandwidth

Hardwired CAT5/RG6 Outlets

For high-demand devices, there is no substitute for the increased bandwidth a hardwired outlet provides. If you need dedicated access to one room more than another, you can choose where you need high-speed access more.

Make It Your Own

Smart Home Upgrades

Voice Control Devices

Take control of your new smart home with the latest voice control devices. From stand-alone devices to whole home integration, experience the best your home has to offer.

Smart Appliances

With a suite of smart appliances, you will never wonder what is left in the fridge or how long until dinner is ready. Explore our expanded assortment of appliances to fit your lifestyle.

Entertainment Systems

Enjoy the big game or your next movie night with an easy to use entertainment system connected to the latest devices. From connected living rooms to complete home theaters, we got you covered.

Smart Doorbell

Ever wonder who is at the door or if your package was delivered on time? Keep yourself in the know with the latest smart doorbells for increased security and peace of mind.


Smoke/C02 Detectors

Ensure the safety of you and your family with smart detectors throughout your home. With the ability to control the alarm, you have the power to silence it at your fingertips.


Security Systems

Protect the most important things in your life with an integrated security system. Whether you are in for the night or out of town, you can be sure your new home is covered.

Smart Garage Door

A smart garage door opener not only provides easy access, but another level of security to your new home. At the very least, you will never wonder if you accidently left the garage door open!


WiFi Access Points

Extend the range of your WiFi network and boost power with wireless access points. Install them throughout your home to provide the best network and keep your home connected.

Your Home, Your Decision

Custom Home Design

Do you have a specific vision in mind or are you tired of the same old designs? Let us build your dream home from the ground up. Our custom design process is much more than just choosing selections, you can pick the shape, size, and style of your home all the way to the final details of each room. We give you the tools to create your dream home.


Patrick Frosch

New Home Consultant

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