Smart Phone to Smart Home!

At Michael Lee Homes we are here to serve our customers and what they like. Most of all we are here to make your lives easier with a home that is easy on you.

Over the years smartphones have become increasingly more popular, so much so that people can’t live without them. With our smartphones, we have the world at our fingertips, so why not your home too? That is why Michael Lee Homes each of our homes is Smart Home Ready with some fantastic technology to make your life easier. From a Wifi-Enabled thermostat from Honeywell, hardwiring your new home for high-speed access, to an endless selection of Smart Home Upgrades the power to control your new home is at your fingertips.

Voice Control Devices: You can have a standalone device up to whole home integration. Having voice control devices gives your home the best experience that is offered.

Smart Appliances: Having a suite of smart appliances is a necessity in any of our homes. You can explore all the appliances and find one that fits your own lifestyle. You won’t have to guess what is in your home or how long until dinner is ready.

Entertainment Systems: The options are endless from connected living rooms to complete home theaters we can satisfy you. Our entertainment systems are easy to use so whether you want to enjoy the big game or have a movie night you are all set to enjoy whatever you’d like at ease.

Smart Doorbell: Give yourself a greater sense of security and peace with a smart doorbell. Always knowing who is at your door and if your package has arrived.

Smoke/C02 Detectors: Having smart home detectors throughout your home ensure the safety of your family and you can even silence them when you are cooking.

Security Systems: Protect you home and your family with an integrated security system, you can always know what is going on around your home.

Wi-Fi Access Points: Extending the range. Install in your home for the best network to keep your home connected.

Smart Garage Doors: Easy access and security in your new home. You also wont have to go back home to see if you shut the garage door.