Parade of Homes Preview

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the 2019 Fall Parade of Homes which means another excellent opportunity to see what’s hot in the world of new home construction. With three Michael Lee Homes in the parade and one Kootenia Home, we’re all excited to be able to showcase our latest designs and styles at our open houses during the parade. No matter where the parade takes you here are some trends you should keep an eye out for, and if you’re looking for a closer look at our models follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on our current builds.

More Color in the Kitchen

Although the trend of the white kitchen may never truly disappear, more and more new homes are built with stained or painted cabinets. These new styles are similar to their white enameled cousins, in that they offer a clean look, but with an expanded palette of colors, a trend toward unique kitchens is developing – a direction we are happy to follow. At the end of the day however you decide to design the kitchen of your dreams is up to you, and if you notice anything throughout this parade, it will be that there is a choice other than white.

Modern Finishes

From lighting fixtures to hardware and fireplaces, modern finishes are making a big come back in all areas of new construction. By utilizing the clean lines with a touch of contemporary flair, you’ll notice a variety of unique styles working their way into various rooms of the home. One of the most exciting places to see this trend in action is to keep an eye out for the lighting fixtures within the home. Often overlooked in favor of other statement pieces, a unique or clever lighting fixture can transform a room in a profound way while providing flexibility for the homeowner to change their style in the future.

Energy Efficient Construction

With topics like climate change and renewable energy occupying the news each and every day it only makes sense that the building industry will look to do its part. By combining the latest technologies and techniques, new home builders are creating energy-efficient homes from the ground up. Even better, we’re joining together with programs like Minnesota’s Green Path to establish and maintain new standards for building better homes. Be sure to look for the Green Path designation during the Parade of Homes and to ask about how new homes are built to a better standard.

Design Around Lifestyle

As a custom home builder, this may seem like a no-brainer, but designing around an individual’s lifestyle is the most important aspect of a new home. What you will notice though, is how model homes are being built with this notion in mind. From ramblers for single level living to second stories with an additional loft, new homes are being built with a specific lifestyle in mind so keep an eye out to see not only how a home is built but who it is built for. Finally, if you don’t see a design which suits your life, remember that you can always build custom and have total control over your new home.