Why Michael Lee Uses Pella Vinyl Windows?

Why select Pella?

To start with Pella has been around since 1925 and a history of building some of the finest windows. Encompass vinyl windows are popular energy-efficient and vinyl now accounts for 67% of all residential windows sold in the US. Vinyl windows are durable, maintenance is low, and are attractive with superior overall value.

Virtues of Vinyl from Pella

  1. The Vinyl Institute says vinyl, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) saves energy and reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. It actually takes less energy to produce PVC then other polymer-based products. Principal raw material is chorine, derived from salt.
  2. Vinyl is a lot less sensitive to oil price fluctuations
  3. Vinyl can be melted down and recycled many times over for various building materials.
  4. About 80% of postindustrial vinyl is being reclaimed and recycled.

Pella vinyl windows save energy costs

  1. Energy Star certified Encompass windows can help lower utility bills.
  2. Encompass windows offer high performance Low-E glass options that manage solar gain when blocking out ultraviolet rays and reduce cooling costs
  3. These Low-E glass options cut down on 95% of the harmful rays compared to 44% with clear glass

Sizes of windows are many and can be custom ordered to the 1/8 of an inch. Easy opening either in a single hung or double hung variety. Patio doors are not your old patio door. These are easy opening and preform for years to come. Best of all the window sash is slim not big and bulky like the old windows of the past.

Michael Lee uses the largest size windows possible. When building with 9’ ceilings Michael Lee will use a full eight foot tall patio door to maximize the view to the World. Windows where required by code we will install safety latches to prevent opening any window more than 4” without force.

The best reason to use Pella is the warranty. Pella windows come with the best in the business warranty. Residential windows are warrantied 20/10 year transferable warranty. For twenty years your windows will not have seal failures or stress cracks or they will be replaced. For ten years these same windows will be warranted for materials and workmanship. Pella window warranties are limited and may be transferable is some cases.

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