Major Improvements to Cottage Grove Will Benefit Parkview Pointe

At Michael Lee we take pride in finding the best neighborhoods to build our homes in and we think we hit the jackpot with Parkview Pointe. The reason is that there is a new 1.6 mile long Parkway Ravine that will be adjacent to the new neighborhood. This parkway will be a spectacular addition to the city and really increase the value of your new home.

Parkview Pointe is situated on a great plot of land with space behind it that will never be developed. It’s becoming more difficult these days to find spots that will stay undeveloped, so that’s why we’re proud to say Parkview Pointe is one. With your new home here, chances are you’ll be able to look out your window and have unobstructed views of the DNR open space.

If you aren’t looking at the beautiful open space, then odds are you’ll have a view of the new ravine parkway. Stretching from Jamaica Avenue to County Road 19, the Ravine Parkway will soon be the entrance to Parkview Pointe with a later addition on the way. This addition will expand the neighborhood and completely connect the parkway and the neighborhood, making it one. The parkway will include long winding trails, prairie restoration planting, and landscaped medians. You’ll have a picturesque outlook in your new neighborhood with beautiful views all around.

Another perk to this family friendly neighborhood is the new park that will be added between the open space and Parkview Pointe. Practically, a part of the neighborhood, your children will have an ideal place to play and burn off some energy. With a new home in Parkview Pointe, your kids won’t even want to spend time on their electronics. They’ll be exploring the trails or playing at the park!

The new Parkway Ravine forms a unique aspect to our newest neighborhood. This truly is something you can’t find elsewhere. This parkway will create connections throughout the city of Cottage Grove that wouldn’t have been possible before. Lucky for you when you choose to build with Michael Lee in Parkview Pointe, you’ll have access to the best addition the city has ever made. Homes are starting to be built in the neighborhood and we’re looking forward to building more! Be sure to contact us at Michael Lee with any inquiries.