Last week we broke ground on three new projects in Easton Village, one of them our new model for the Spring Parade of Homes. For most in the industry, this is no big deal. It’s something which happens all the time and they’ve seen it all before, but I doubt that is the case for you.

Most home buyers come into a home when the process is over. They see it when the walls are painted, the furniture has been moved in, and everything is picture perfect.

Steven Frosch | Builder

The truth is: building is a process.

It takes dozens of skilled individuals, thousands of dollars in materials, and even more nails. If it seems like a lot, that’s because it is. Shepherding a project from beginning to end requires a special person, and this is where Steven comes in. Steven is our builder, he is my brother, and he’s the one who wrangles all the moving parts to make the design on paper become a reality. He lives to give people the home of their dreams and loves the challenge of each new build.

So, for our Spring Parade Home, we are going to do something special.

From foundation to finish we are going to follow the construction of a Michael Lee Home. Along the way, Steven and I will show you the people and processes which are a part of each of our builds. We hope this gives you a new way to view home construction and answers a few questions you didn’t know to ask.




This is 3129 Lilac Ave, our new Spring Model.

Right now, it’s just a lot.

In a month it’s going to look a whole lot more like a home, but right now its just a lot.

A good lot in a good neighborhood, the best way to begin a build.




Patrick Frosch