Framing Our Spring Model

Well, there’s been a lot of activity for us at Michael Lee Homes in our Lake Elmo neighborhood. Last weekend we opened our holiday-themed model and began our Christmas In Easton Village event with Creative Homes. Multiple projects are reaching their final stages of production, the newest phase of the neighborhood is just about ready for next year, and our spring model is taking shape. When we last checked in our foundation was being laid, and since then our sub-contractors have been hard at work framing the house.






Framing A New Home:

One of the biggest jobs in new home construction is framing; it’s the bones of the home. It’s the most noticeable change in the process, and whenever a new street begins framing multiple builds the neighborhood starts to take shape. Our sub-contractors, some of whom have worked with us for decades, utilize modern technologies with trusted techniques to ensure each Michael Lee Home is built to last. From beginning to end it will take a normal crew of four anywhere from three to five weeks to frame a home, and as I have learned not even the snow or cold will slow them down.














It’s A Wrap:

If you’ve taken a drive around any new neighborhood under construction, you’re sure to see multiple homes wrapped in a white material with Tyvek printed on it. It may look like simple paper, but it is actually an engineered polyethylene fiber which is used to create a breathable weather resistant barrier for the home. The reality is, any type of siding is going to allow some moisture through, from vinyl to James Hardie or stucco. With the protection of Tyvek house wrap, this moisture isn’t allowed to soak into the home, giving your home an extra layer of protection for years to come. The genius of Tyvek house wrap is not that it protects from outside moisture, its that it does so while allowing moisture from inside the home to escape. This one-way breathable technology is why we choose Tyvek house wrap over any other and why it’s become a standard in the industry.












What’s Next?

After our framing crew finished last week to begin another Michael Lee Home, our roofing crew got to work and by the weekend they had finished laying shingles. From here most of the work will be inside the home. Our plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors will begin their work laying pipes and lines throughout the home. This work isn’t the most glamorous, and if it’s done right you’ll never notice it in your home, but it’s these essentials which make the home a comfortable place to live. Once everything within the walls is put in place, and inspectors have given their sign-off, our drywall crew will come in to put up interior walls and pave the way for what’s next.

The First Steps of Framing

Our Framers Hard at Work

Breathable Protection from Tyvek

A Fully Wrapped Home

All Ready for Electrical and Plumbing