Can I Have a Living Room Centered Around Entertainment and my Family?

Do you need a space that is fit for entertaining but also want a cozy comfortable place for your family to hangout, relax and get some much-needed family time in? Michael Lee Homes is here to help you build the home that is fit for you.

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Low Maintenance Flooring

Having low maintenance vinyl plank flooring is a great option for your home. You get the value of hardwood but will be more durable. You will also have to spend less time taking care of your floor which means you will have more time for your family.


Having a fireplace is a focal point in your living room it brings a positive visual to any room. You also have the options to design the front of your fireplace, you can choose from anything between stone, and tile to create the look you desire. A fireplace is also a good option to keep your living room cozy and comfortable.


Built -Ins are one aspect of a home that is a must for everyone right now. We have options for shelves on one side of the fireplace and a tv cabinet on the other side, but whether you want to use it for a tv cabinet is up to you. Built ins are a great way to organize your things so your living room does not feel as cluttered.

Exposed Beams

Another trend in the market right now is exposed beams. Overall exposed beams make the room feel larger and give a sense of design to an overall plain ceiling. Exposed beams are a trend they say is here to stay.

Picturesque Windows

Having a lot of windows in your home is becoming a very popular trend. Everyone tends to like the large amount of natural light it gives their home. Michael Lee has the option to install these windows in your new home.

Smart Home Technology

Wi-Fi enabled technology that you can shape around your life. You can program your thermostat based on your schedule. For example, you can program it to turn down when you leave the house. Michael Lee Homes also come with hardwired media cabinets that keep all your cords discreet and hidden so you won’t have any eye sores if you are entertaining guests.