Building a NEW Michael Lee Home is “Smarter”

With today’s housing market so tight and over-inflated used homes why settle for that older home? Discover the better value of a new Michael Lee home now and the reasons why will become very apparent below.

First reason is to avoid uncertainty! Avoid the pitfalls and hidden costs of any older home. What will it cost to paint that old home? How about a kitchen remodel down the road? Remodeling costs are at an all time high right now and why put more money into an old home and still have and old home? How about a new home? Builders like Michael Lee build custom homes exactly to your wants and needs. Don’t settle for “we have six plans ready for you”! No at Michael Lee we will custom design what you want! Why settle for that old home with a goofy layout? Don’t you think times change? Well so do home designs. The open floor plan is in so come see one.

How about a new home that saves energy? Well until the 1970’s we didn’t use much insulation in our new homes. Today’s new home is insulated so well and is equipped with innovative technology in furnace and air conditioners you will save money from day one. Couple that with setback thermostats that ca be controlled by your smart phone you will be able to control your energy costs every day. On top of that new homes have water saving toilets and showers to save the Planets water supply.

How about lower maintenance? Pella windows built to last, vinyl no-paint siding on the outside of your new home. Once on the inside you will find durable long-lasting Laminate floors, granite counters, and all new systems.

New Michael Lee homes are backed by years of award winning quality and the Michael Lee 1-2-10 new home warranty. For the first year we will come back and walk through to identify issues and set a time to repair. For two years the mechanical systems will be warrantied and then ten full years on the structure

Michael Lee was established in 2003 by David Frosch. Michael Lee shares office space in Woodbury with its sister company Kootenia Homes. David Frosch has been in the housing industry since 1983 and would love to meet with you today about your housing needs.

Call David Frosch at 612-282-0920 today!