Four Ways We Build a Better Home for Winter

Winter in the Midwest is finally here and with all the snow gathering around how well is your home built to tackle the cold weather? When is the last time you serviced your furnace or inspected the insulation in your home? With a new home from Michael Lee Homes you won’t have to ask yourself these questions, as each home is built to be energy efficient and capable of keeping you comfortable during the cold months. Here are four ways that we’re building a better home for Winter.

Energy Efficient Construction

The biggest way a new home can combat the winter cold and save you money is to start with it’s construction, as even the biggest furnace will have a hard time keeping a poorly constructed house warm. By utilizing the lastest technologies and techniques in new home construction, each Michael Lee Home is built to the latest energy efficiency standards. These efforts combine into creating a more comfortable living space for you and save you big money on your energy bills.

A Great Window for Your New Home

With all the ways a cold draft can enter your new home, windows are on your front line of energy efficiency. This is why we use ENERGY STAR rated Pella Encompass series windows as the standard window in all of our new homes. From their durable low mainenance construction, to their energy saving Low-E insulated glass with argon, these windows will help you save energy all year round. Combine that all with an industry leading warranty program and you can rest easy knowing that your new home will be covered for years to come.

A Powerful, Energy Efficient Furnace

The largest contributor to the overall comfort in your new home will come from what you have in your utility room, and it all begins with your furnace. No matter how well insulated your home is, it is nothing without a powerful furnace to keep your home warm throughout the winter months, which is why we turn to the high efficiency (95 AFUE) furnaces from Lennox. The energy smart technology of these units translates into you saving big on your energy bill, as 95 cents of each dollar spent on gas goes toward heating your home – that’s some amazing efficiency!


Expert Testing and Quality Assurance

We can spend all day telling you how energy efficient our new homes are, but without some proof it’s all just talk. This is why we conduct extensive independent energy tests on each of our new homes to ensure that the home was built the right way. With an average HERS rating of 50, which means the home is 50% more energy efficient than standard construction, we’re proud to say each of our homes are energy efficient. And with our new home warranty we’ll stand by that claim too, ensuring that you get the very best quality and service in your new home.