The Benefits of Poured Foundation

Since we last checked in on our Spring model we’ve had plenty of change in the weather. We went from dry, to wet, to snow all within a couple of weeks, but that hasn’t stopped us from digging out our lot and laying the foundation. At Michael Lee Homes we exclusively use poured concrete foundations, a method which provides numerous benefits over traditional block foundations. Here are some examples of why a poured concrete foundation is the best way the begin a new home.


One Pour for One Solid Foundation

Modern poured foundations begin by setting up a series of molds atop the footings laid within the site. Within the molds, our contractors lay a framework of steel bars to reinforce the structure before beginning their pour. By creating a foundation with one single pour, our foundations eliminate the joints or weak points which are standard with old-fashioned blocks. This single, continuous foundation, provides the best protection against the external pressures a home faces from soil and water while also lasting longer than its counterparts.




Improved Protection from Water

Even though we dig well above the water table and grade our lots with positive drainage, water will always try to find its way in. With old-fashioned block foundation, the cores of the block are used to manage this water trying to get in. The problem is, by allowing water to drain down through blocks, you let water into the structure and increase the chances of failure. With today’s poured foundation, water isn’t given the opportunity the enter the structure. By using a single, solid foundation with the added protection of waterproofing materials covered by our 10-year warranty, poured concrete foundations give the best water protection available.




The Security Of Modern Technologies

Over time, the technologies used for home foundations have changed. Go back a hundred years and you’ll see stone foundations in most homes. Fast forward to mid-century and concrete blocks are the norm for residential building. It wasn’t until the mid-90’s that Midwestern builders started using poured foundation. With each technological shift, the overall build of our homes has increased, as well as our perception of old techniques. Looking back, our builder David reflects on the nature of block foundations, “Stand above a block foundation and watch when they put the backfill in. They’ll move. It’s something we account for, its natural, but they’ll move. You’ll never see that with a poured foundation.”

Patrick Frosch


Steel forms set in place

Waterproofing material added before backfill.

FInished poured concrete foundation.